Marked by Chaos

Road Rash

The party recently arrived in Marsember in Cormyr. Previous adventures and travel left them with the need to unwind. Taven, the party Hexblade seperated from the group and took a long bath at a bath house. They soon discovered the need for a royal charter to operate as an adventuring company in Cormyr. They set out to travel to Suzail to see about getting a charter. They were stopped at the gate by Sir Marros Dragonsbane and Xyronna, a purple dragon knight and war wizard. The party was honest with Sir Marros about not having an adventuring charter. Sir Marros admitted to being shorthanded and looking for adventuring companies to hire. He agreed to overlook the lack of charter and to write a letter of recommendation to obtain one if the party to assist him. There were sightings of orcs and even ogres in the wilderness outside of the city. The humanoids are suspiciously quite and have not made any attacks on farmsteads nor caravans. Sir Marros suspects someone or something could be controlling the the group and would like the party to investigate. Sir Marros asked the party to leave word for him at the Barrelstone Inn. The party agreed and set out to investigate. On the road they noticed that a group of orcs and an ogre poorly set up an ambush for them. A battle underwent and the party defeated all but a orcish shaman that flew away. Looking through the ogres treasure the party found some strange bronze coins marked with the symbol of the dark god Cyric. The coins left black marks on each of the party members hands.



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