Marked by Chaos


Back at the townhouse in Marsember, Vistra was doing some repairs. She noticed someone in the garden and was attacked from behind. Trading banter back and forth she defeated the assailant and interogated him. She realized that he was covered with black marked and raving about the “Dark Sun”. He then burst into cold fire and dissolved into icy ash. Vistra realized that she had been infected by contact with the rogue and covered her hands with bandages. The rest of the party on the road decided to return to town to get Vistra and report to Sir Marros Dragonbane. The party compared noted snd realized they were all infected by some sort of magical disease/curse. They consuted a priest at the temple of Tymora and determined that the diease is only transmitted through the coins bearing the symbol of Cyric. Within the coin pouch that Vistra took off the rogue the party discovered a crude map of the sewer system of the city with a “X” marking a location. The party left a message at a gnomish tavern, Gearhammers for Sir Marrors to get in touch with them and returned to their townhouse. Later that evening a trio of knights and a mage asked them to accompany them. The party realized that the knights were infected and were leading the party into a trap. The party defeated the group, but Taven and Carric were frozen in a deathlike state. Assuming them to be dead Vistra and Zagan took the bodies to the temple of Tymora to get them raised and their condition was discovered. When the party returned to their house, Sir Marros was waiting for them there. After hearing about the attack Marros appoligized for not being more up front about his suspicions about corruption within the knights. He wasn’t aware of the black mark curse though and he would keep an eye open for it.



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